We Would Love to Hear From You!
We want to dedicate this set of pages to those in our class who are courageous enough to share their story with us.  Our first entry came by twisting the arm of an actual story teller, Dan Overholser, who agreed to be featured as our "Where Are They Now?" page following our 60th Birthday party.  Since then we have discovered a couple photographers in our midst who can delight our eyes with the beauty of nature and places made of dreams.

Please contact one of the committee members with your story.  You don't need to be an Einstein or a Mozart to participate ... merely being one of our classmates makes your story valuable to us all.
Where Are They Now?
You could be featured here as well.  Please contact a committee member of your choice and tell them
you have a personal story, pictures and maybe even a web site or video to share with your classmates.

Here is Dan Overholser trying to close out a story telling session.  It is those adoring fans who keep wanting his attention making a quick departure unlikely.

Check out Dan's web site to learn more about the life of a story teller.


Holy Cow Batman ... he's in Iraq!

Harley Rowe, P.E.
Resident Engineer
Mosul Resident Office
Dan Norris has provided us with a look at Moab like many of us have never seen before.  The beauty and wonder of this natural area provides reason enough why Dan has taken up residence and dedicated his career to memorializing this inspiring area.

Check out Dan's web site and marvel at the colors and the grandeur captured in his photography.

Cheryl and her husband Tom Martinez together have wandered our amazing Rocky Mountains in search of those eye catching shots of nature that can't help but amaze.

Check out Cheryl and Tom's web site to explore the breadth and depth of beauty they have captured in so many exciting places.

Where in the world did you say you wanted to travel?  It feels like Diane may have been there too.

Read the story of travel, work and education that have filled the life of Diane Beeson since leaving good ol' BHS in 1967.  You will be amazed.
Another of our classmates is well preserved ... and living large in Brazil.  Check out some of the sights of Sao Paulo that Bill ... er I mean William (now that he has matured) has shared with us.  WOW!  What a wonder Brazil has become as an emerging country of the world. 
While our fearless leader is not directing the activities of your reunion committee, he is out traveling the world to save the life and limb of those in areas less fortunate.

Read the note Jim Gonzales sent back to us from Cambodia on his latest healthcare mission.