Choose Your Nostalgia
The tabs you see at the left lead you to some of the shared memories of our teenage years.  You likely have your own special memories, but there are moments in time that were shared by our generation and in particular our BHS class of 1967.
Remember When ....????
It was an age of magic ... it was an age of struggles
                                              But most of all it was an age of everything being new and exciting!
Although the Astronauts' members were not in our class, this local band provided a great amount of the emotional stimulus provided in the music of our time.  Besides, two members of our class have close ties with the band.  Tim Gallagher is the brother of drummer Jim Gallagher and Kathy Leach is the sister of the original drummer, Brad Leach.

Take a minute to reflect and remember by checking out our web page dedicated to this special band.
The other music of our time endures until today.  In many ways it is never forgotten ... retro ... ageless.  

See and hear some of the greats of our time.
And when you look at the newspaper headlines of 1967 nearly half of those headlines refer to something that was so top of mind for many of us that we were never able to be rid of its ever present shadow ... Viet Nam.

Yet looking back at this
time in our lives we so often
remember the good times,
the times that have been
memorialized as historic in
nature and revolutionary in
the change they brought.
Let's see now ... who was that?  I should remember ... but I can't even put a face with name anymore.  I know I should know who that is.  What was her name again?  Wasn't he the one who played basketball?  Didn't she win some kind of art contest?  I know if I saw her picture I could say her name.  Tell me who he dated and I'm sure I can remember who you are talking about.

How many of these have you said over the past 40 years?  Well worry not my little one, for your Ordaroloc yearbook is now on our web site.