Sent February 12, 2012 - The start of JG's 2012 exposition into Cambodia

Hi everyone, 

Just a quick note to let you know we arrived here O.K. It's Sunday evening about 2100 (9 p.m.)

Apparently the TSA inspected my footlocker (filled with medical equipment and drugs) in Denver prior to putting it on our aircraft. All the duct tape was taken off the latches, the plastic closure ties were missing, and two TSA locks were put back on one the handles instead of locking it back up, They left me a note inside saying it had been inspected.

I had some scrub tops placed on top of the medications to help pad the glass containers/vials. Someone in Denver must be wearing my scrub tops, because they never made it back into the footlocker. They were gone when I opened the container here in Phnom Penh. My scrub bottoms were in my personal luggage bag (which wasn't opened), so now I have a half-dozen bottoms with no tops. I'll just have to use some of the Cambodian tops at the heart hospital.

Each mission trip is always unique in its own way. This one is proving true to form.

I have no trust in the TSA.

James Garfield

... more to come ...

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