Is It True ... This Crowd Ain't Got No Class???
These are all class events.  Top grade and highly sophisticated, as you might suspect.

Maybe it's because most of us don't have anything to do at this point in our lives ... or maybe we are finally able to truly enjoy each other's company in an unconditional manner.  Whatever the reason, the class of 1967 seems to have rediscovered itself and enjoys those added times they can spend together.  It is precious time we have and precious time we share.  In every instance we wish you were here ... and we are probably talking about you!

Pick an event from the menu at the left and see if you can recognize anyone!
Class Events
Pick one of the events highlighted above (or found on the links in the left hand column) and enjoy a romp back to the recent past ... OR plan on joining everyone at the next event.  We'll try to keep you posted about opportunities in the Boulder area for class gatherings and school events.
It doesn't take much to become a reason for this class to get together again.  Come and enjoy our time together!