There's always a reason to gather and "plan."
Your BHS Class of 1967 Reunion Committee works hard to develop opportunities for our class to enjoy that are both entertaining and memorable.  (Sound plausible doesn't it?)

Actually, we are having way too much fun to worry too much about the details.  They seem to have a way of taking care of themselves.  In the mean time, we always seem to be able to find a reason to gather, eat, drink and be merry, while enjoying each other's company.

Actually, if you are interested in sharing something with the rest of our class, or you have questions about upcoming events, or you have photos, videos or audio files you wish to share, please contact one of the committee members.  We would love to hear from you.

The current committee membership includes:

   James Gonzales - Fearless Leader
   Candy (Casotti) Nesheim - Feared Leader
   Bruce Joss
   Michele Bishop
   Dan Klena
   Kim Duzenack
   Don Chance
   Kathy Leach
   Keith Baugh
   Cindy (Hughes) Martindale
   Ron England - member-in-training :-)
   Terry Bittner - we still trying to figure out who invited him  :-)

If you would like to join us in any of our "planning" sessions, please contact one of the committee members and let them know.  We would enjoy having you come ... and then we would have you furnish all the food and drink for that session (just kidding.)

Please allow us to share with you some of our recent gatherings.  The past couple of years have afforded us numerous excuses to be together and socialize.  There have even been a couple times that we could collectively shed a tear and remember fondly.
Class of 67 Reunion Committee
This is not to imply that this committee has any class ... merely that it exists at the pleasure of the class of 67!  :-)

A Web Site is Born

It was early in 2010 when the committee gathered to discuss the opportunity to develop a web site that would commemorate our class and provide memories of a special time in all our lives.  We worked hard discussing all the details of what we wanted to communicate and how we wanted it to look.  We were even serious enough that we invited Ronny Bush (BHS65) and his wife Alice (Bayne - BHS65) to share their experiences in developing the class of 1965 web site.
But then we came to our senses and got down to the important business of the day ... eating, drinking and making merry.
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A Ghoulish Planning Session

It was difficult to know who was present at this planning session as there were so many scary masks.  We were able to eventually find our composure to get to the important business of the night, however ... the eating, drinking and making merry.  (I even think CU won their games that day.)
Buttering Up the Boss!

One of our recent "planning" sessions afforded us the opportunity to thank our Fearless Leader with a couple gifts of appreciation.  We felt it was important to "butter up the boss" to keep him happy as nobody else wants the job.  In reality, Jim "Speedy" Gonzales has been a great leader and his contributions to the planning and class events has been priceless.
As if Christmas was not enough ...
we had to meet and eat again ...
thinking always about our fellow classmates!

In all seriousness ... ;-)  this planning session is where big chucks of responsibility for our upcoming 45th reunion were dolled out.  We spent a bunch of time discussing (and snacking) all the possibilities and who would be responsible for making it happen.  Most of us are brilliant enough that we committed to memory all this valuable information (then waited for Kathy to send us copies of her notes 'cause she was the only one with paper and pencil.)

One more look at the heavy lifting this group accomplishes in a planning session ... all on your behalf.
(It takes a bit of time to load so wait for it.)