Forever Remembered
The theme for our reunion was "Forever Young."  We can only hope!!!

Regardless, the event itself will be forever remembered.  Those that were fortunate to be there hopefully found our time together to be uplifting.  Those who could not make it for one reason or another were surely missed.

Please take a moment to relive some of our moments together that weekend.  We hope these pictures and ideas bring a smile to your face, possibly a tear to your eye, and above all a warm feeling of being a part of something great ... the Boulder High School Class of 1967!
Sorry to Say - It is Over .... But it was GREAT!!!!
BHS Class of 1967 - 45th Reunion
DATE:  JUNE 22 / 23, 2012  (Friday Evening & Saturday)
BHS Class of 67 - 2012 45th Reunion
We grew up with him ... and the shadow of his greatness helped us celebrate our 2012 anniversary.  Bob Dylan is so very much a part of our lives and also a part of our reunion.

As we think of past people, places and events we put ourselves back in time.  And maybe, just for an instant ... we are ...
                              Forever Young!

Many of us were able to spend one weekend in the summer of 2012 together again ... and for that weekend we were ...
                              Forever Young!
If you would like to see some of the amazing planning that went into making this event a reality just click on the picture at the right.
And if you would like to see all the set up and preparation that preceeded the Friday night gala dinner just click on the picture to the left.
Are you interested in seeing some current views of "good ol' BHS?"  Our tour revealed a lot of changes in the building and other resources ... but the spirit of the place has never changed ........... neither has the field house!
Again, just click on the picture ---}
And finally, join us again at the Res for a day of fun in the sun.  A relaxing way to close our time together ... 

... Until we meet again!

Just click on the picture to the left.
Surely you will want to see some of the many photos we have of the Firday Night Gala.  Just click on the picture above and plan on spending some time.
PLEASE BE PATIENT.  There are so many photos it takes a couple minutes to load.