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Our years at Boulder High School were marked with many joys, a smattering of sorrows, and a boat load of hope and anticipation ... mixed with a little nervousness about what the future might hold for us.
We take this time to look back at who we were, where we have been and who we have become.  Out of this we know we deserve to celebrate our accomplishments and find gratitude for our lives.  Lives that have been molded with time and many other influences ... including our time as a member of the Boulder High School community and the class of 1967.

Lazy Dog Roadies
Bruce & Donny Rock The Crowd 
Take a safe, arms-length look at some of the on-going antics of your classmates now that they have matured and settled down in life.
Live For Today
Hope For Tomorrow
Boulder High School Class of 1967
 Remember Yesterday; Live for Today; Hope for Tomorrow;.
This web site is dedicated to: 
the Boulder High School Class of 1967.

A gift to ourselves and to those who follow after us.
Are you looking for some nostalgia  .... how about some top hits for the year 1967?
67 Odaroloc Seniors
Who was that?  Check it out!
It is lost in the attic ... or ... your loving spouce seems to have misplaced it .... or you were too cheap to buy it in the first place.  Don't worry!  Now you can help that failing memory by checking out the online version.
Things to See While You're Here:
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Where in the world is
 Jim Gonzales??

Follow Jim's latest adventures in the
hospital surgery rooms
 of Cambodia on his 
2012 mission.  He goes every year and has just returned for this year.
Did you miss any 45th Reunion Countdown Newsletters?  Don't worry!  We've got you covered.  Just click below to enjoy 
the archived "news."
We continue to ask for memorabilia from our time as Boulder High School students and youngsters growing up in Boulder.  Anything you can provide us would be greatly appreciated and enjoyed by all.  In the mean time, we have a few items from a couple folks that are kind of fun to think back and reflect on.  Check the button below to check out some of these items.
And check out the stages of construction in 1933 - 1937 that created what we loving refer to as Boulder High School
We also have some fun looks at Boulder past ...  and in some cases present.
Did you know Boulder High School was the first high school in Colorado?
Wishing You Peace
Happy Holidays and New Year
Our reunion committee would like to wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season and a new year filled with friends, love and health.  Hopefully the new year will allow you to be with us to celebrate our 50th Reunion.  As always ... peace!
Please take the time to pay your respects to our Silent and Fallen Classmates.  We are trying a new interface and we hope it serves everyone well.  We will continue to try new ways of presenting information about all our friends periodically.  (We are working to update our content.  This is a couple years old at this time.)
If you saw the invite and didn't make it to the picnic this year ... you missed a fun time.
Click on the picture if you'd like to see more wanted posters from this great summer event.
By now you may have heard ... 
next year is 2017.  
We're sure you know what that means!  It's been 50 years since you graduated from BHS ... 
and we want to celebrate that!!!
Okay ... so it's 50 years plus 2 days ... but our event will begin on June 9th, 2017 at the Sink!!  June 10th will begin with photos at BHS and move later to the East Boulder Community Center for dinner, drinks and
dance.  June 11th will find us at the Foothills
Community Park.  Click the button at the right
to learn more about this great event!

This site will be closing after August of 2017.  Hope you enjoyed it in the six years it was in operation.  Our wish for you is to have a happy life and that you keep smiling.  :-)